The Normative Leadership Book

"Men don't follow titles. They follow courage."
From the movie Braveheart
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Many people hold leadership positions in their group, team or organization, but, just because one is in a leadership position, doesn't mean he/she is a leader! True leadership is about having the courage to do the "right thing" even in the face of heavy peer pressure or extreme consequences. This is where many "leaders" fail, for they compromise their integrity and succumb to the materialistic trappings of collusive rewards given by others, in exchange for their influence or decisions that will maintain the "status quo," no matter how bad or corrupt it may be.

Normative Leadership will teach you "how to" understand and manage, but more importantly, change the informal culture in the group, team or organization that you lead. But, I must caution you, taking the Path of the Normative Leader is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is, you will see events from a "normative" perspective - looking at the "bigger picture" - and be able to identify the real problems that are sometimes clouded in a shroud of secrecy or slick "spin-doctoring." You will "read" the hidden agendas and power plays that people try to engineer to achieve their self-serving agendas at the expense of others. You will learn "how to" be more effective in working with both group and individual behavior and not be held hostage by the threats/excuses of individuals who seek to avoid accountability for their actions. The skills you obtain will enable you to facilitate the discussing of issues in a supportively-challenging way, (often seen as a weakness by others) in order to confront the situation, help others to understand the dynamics that allowed the situation to occur, fix it and define strategies to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future. The Normative Leader takes action when others do nothing.

The curse? When you use your skills, you will be seen as a threat to those who resist change and accountability. To silence you, various forms of peer pressure will be applied by individuals to force you to conform to the expected behavior (group norms) of the group. The intensity of the peer pressure you will experience is directly proportionate to how threatened the group feels by your non-conformity. Although you may be doing the right thing, friends and/or colleagues might disassociate themselves from you for fear of being implicated of sharing your views or being seen as "disloyal" to the group. You will become an isolate in your group, labeled as a "troublemaker," "snitch," or "whistleblower." In extreme cases, you will be discredited, lies will be fabricated about you, your character will be called into question, and strategies will be devised to pressure you to give up your fight or face professional or personal ruin, or sometimes, even death.

This is a heavy price to pay for wanting to do the right thing. This, however, is the Path of the Normative Leader

History is replete with stories of individuals who have intuitively, used normative skills, and walked the Path of the Normative Leader. They have lead nations, organizations, teams, families and groups. Some used their skills to make their world a better place, whereas, others chose to use their skills to control/manipulate their followers in order to achieve destructive purposes. Normative Leadership is a comprehensive "how to" book that gives you a "leadership operating system," along with a philosophy and people skills for working with both group and individual behavior. Its' simple, common sense approach, can be easily assimilated into any group environment.

You will use the concepts both in your personal and professional life. Normative Leadership will never go out of style. Quite simply, Normative Leadership will give you - simple skills for simply POWERFUL RESULTS! Do you have what it takes to be a Normative Leader?

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