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Norm and the Spirit of Helpathy

This is a primer on peer pressure for young children, ages 7-10. It's a story of a boy named, Joey, who because of his looks, is picked on by a group. An older boy, Norm, comes to Joey's aid and then teaches the group about a philosophy called Helpathy. Here, the group learns about creating an attitude in the group based on trust, understanding, mutual respect and cooperation, to help, not hurt, one another. Norm then addresses the reader and discusses what happened to Joey and how important it is to remember to be like Norm when in his/her own peer group.

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Teachers - Get a free, Norm and The Spirit of Helpathy Lesson Plan to use in class with students. Help them to understand what really happens in their peer groups.

Sixth Sense:
Strategies To Help Kids Deal With Peer Pressure

This book is for middle school students. The story centers around David, a boy who has lived with his mother in Pittsburgh since his parents' divorce at the age of five. Now, as he enters his teenage years, he makes the decision to live with his father in Philadelphia. This move creates much uncertainty for him as he must learn to adjust to life in a different community and school. Seeing the frustration his son experiences in trying to adjust to the school culture and find a new peer group, he teaches him valuable skills for assessing group and individual behavior in order to pick a good peer group. A workbook section is included to help students apply the skills to their current peer groups. (The concepts provide a good orientation for students transitioning from the middle school to high school culture.)

Price: $5.95

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