My Angel Guardian Certificates

The My Angel Guardian certificates add a unique touch to that gift that will always be remembered.

Each certificate is an 8×10, suitable for framing, certificate with a gold-foil Angel Guardian logo, and a beautiful guardian angel poem for that special occasion. You can personalize your gift with your own “personal message” to the recipient.


Unlike a greeting card that will eventually be discarded, the certificate can be framed and displayed by the recipient. The poem, and your personal message, can then serve as a continual source of solace, inspiration or support as the need arises.

1 Certificate – $5.00
3 Certificates – $10.00

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Available Poems to place on certificate:

Until We Meet Again
©2001 Rod and Janet Hess

My life on earth will soon come to an end,
for, God is calling me home.
And, as I prepare for my journey and ponder my past,
there is something I want you to know.

You've been a special person who has touched my life,
like an angel whom God did send.
The memories we made will go with me beyond,
and I'll savor them...until we meet again.

So until that time when we do meet again,
with God in our heavenly home.
Here's an Angel Guardian who will stay close by your side,
through life. . . so you will never be alone.

When You Do What Is Right
©2002 Rod and Janet Hess

The ways of the world can sometimes put you at odds,
with people who choose to disobey the laws.
But, when you take a stand and do what is right,
their deeds born in darkness are now brought to light.

Your reward for your courage is isolation and scorn,
your life is in ruins, and in all ways, you are torn.
But, always remember - when you do what is right,
despite what "man" says, you're a hero in His sight.

So, for the times when you're down and want to give up the fight,
here's an Angel Guardian who always keeps you in sight.
She will guide and support you, and "whisper" advice,
and renew your strength - to pursue what is right

On Your Wedding Day
©2003 Rod and Janet Hess

God sends His angels to us from above,
to help us understand the power of His love.
They are with us always in all that we do,
and they guide and protect us our whole life through.

You have taken a vow to live as husband and wife,
a bond blessed by God for the rest of your lives.
To honor and cherish "until death do us part,"
and to love one another from the bottom of your hearts.

And so, as you begin your marriage this day,
here's an Angel Guardian to help show you the way.
To live a life time together in God's perfect love,
with a little help from an Angel sent down from above.

For The Caregiver
©2005 Rod and Janet Hess

In the hustle and bustle of the world today,
"I'm too busy!" is what you hear most people say.
But, you always find time to help others in need.
no matter how busy or difficult your life may be.

You give of yourself in the Spirit of Love,
like an Angel from Heaven sent down from above.
For the deeds that you do, you gain little or no praise,
and the price for caring is long, tiring days.

So, when you need a life when you're feeling down,
and you look for help and there is none to be found.
Here's an Angel Guardian who will help your spirit renew,
as you have done for others - she will do for you!

©1999 Rod and Janet Hess

To you O precious little one,

A gift from God sent from above.
A Guardian Angel to call your own,
To watch over you wherever you may roam.

She is with you always, in all that you do,
Just listen to her "guiding voice" inside of you.

The difficult choices that you will face in your life,
Will be made much easier if you follow her advice.

And so, as you walk your path in life,
Take heed to her voice and do what is right.
She is with you always…you will never be alone,
And she will guide you back to your heavenly home.

My Dad
©2000 Rod and Janet Hess

God's angels are spirits sent down from above,

Who appear in our time of need.
But angels can be human beings… I know,
'Cos I have one watching over me.

He doesn't have wings like God's angels do,
But he is always there when I call.

To offer advice or lend a helping hand,
Or, to pick me up when I fall.

He never grows tired of giving his love,
Through both the good times and the bad.
I thank God each day for having given me,
The Angel Guardian I call - my Dad!

©1999 Rod and Janet Hess

God gave me an angel on the day of my birth,
To guide and protect me as I walk on this earth.
She is by my side in all that I do,
And gives me strength to see the tough times through.But there's one Angel Guardian who has served like no other,
She's the beautiful person that I call "mother".

From this selfless soul who never tires of giving,
I learned the simple beauty of life and living.

It seems a simple "thank you" would hardly suffice,
For all that she has done for me throughout my life.
So, I just say a little prayer and thank God each day,

For the Angel Guardian mother He has sent my way.

The Firefighter
©2001 Rod and Janet Hess

Angels appear when danger is near,
they protect us from harm and help calm our fears.
They do what they must to make things right,
and then quickly and quietly …just vanish from sight.Firefighters…they're like angels, you see,

for they answer the call to help others in need.
They risk their lives to lend a helping hand,
to save from danger their fellow man.

And so, as you lay your life on the line,
here's an Angel Guardian who will stay close by your side.
She will guide and protect you if you follow her lead,
and she'll help you complete your selfless deed.

©2001 Rod and Janet Hess

God has legions of angels on hand,
who are ready to fight at His command.
To do battle with Satan and his devils within,
who breed hatred and hurt and a world full of sin.

Soldiers are like angels, for they too will fight,
the battle against evil to make things right.
They will risk their lives to bring peace to our land,
so we can all live in harmony with our fellow man.

And so, as you serve your country with pride,
here's an Angel Guardian who will stay close by your side.
She will guide and protect you as you fight to defend,
God's plan for "peace on earth and goodwill towards men."

A Special Thank You
©2001 Rod and Janet Hess

God created angels with one purpose in mind,
to guide and protect us during our difficult times.
They appear out of nowhere to help make things right,
then before you know it, they vanish from sight.

But angels are not always spirits, you see,
they can be people like you who help others in need.
They stop what they're doing and take time to get involved,
and then, stay around until the problem is solved.

YOU were my "angel" in my time of need,
and I thank you sincerely for your selfless deed.
If I had one wish for the whole human race,
it's for more people like you to make the world a better place!

Law Enforcement
©2001 Rod and Janet Hess

God sends His angels to help people in need,
to protect them from harm and other hurtful deeds.
The forces of darkness…they put up a good fight,
but in the end, the truth always comes to light

As one who has been entrusted to uphold the law,
you have a thankless job in protecting us all.
Please don't get discouraged and I ask if you would,
remember that you stand for all that is good!

So to help you protect those in need that you find,
here's an Angel Guardian who will stay close by your side.
To guide and protect you and to keep you safe,
as you risk your life to make the world a better place.

©2001 Rod and Janet Hess

Angels are messengers sent down from above
to guide and protect us in the spirit of love.
With a gentle whisper they can offer advice,
and guide us toward fulfilling our purpose in life.

Teachers are like angels doing God's work, you know,
by sharing their knowledge to help students grow.
Through patience, encouragement and at times being firm,
they instill in their students a life-long spirit to learn.

So to help you serve your profession with pride,
here's an Angel Guardian who will stay close by your side.
She'll whisper the answers to the problems you face,
in preparing your students to make the world a better place.

For Those Left Behind
©2001 Rod and Janet Hess

Death is but a doorway we must all pass through alone,
it's our calling from God that beckons us home.
An eternal reward is what we will find,
but it's a time of great sorrow…for those left behind.

Our loved one is gone, but the memories remain,
and we do what we must to help ease our pain.
When we learn to "let go" and trust God's Plan from beyond,
we can focus on living because life must go on.

So to help you heal that broken heart deep inside,
here's an Angel Guardian who is always close by your side.
To offer you comfort so that you may find,
the peace of God's love…for those left behind.

For The Difficult Times
©2001 Rod and Janet Hess

To a special someone who has touched my life,
and has made a difference when things weren't going right.
With a kind world or a helping hand,
you made things easier and helped me to understand.

And now as you face your own difficult times,
here's a gift for you so that you may find.
The strength to endure and learn the lesson you must,
to know God's plan for you and follow it with trust.

And so to guide you down this uncertain road,
here's an Angel Guardian to call your own.
She is with you always and will stay close by your side,
so, just trust in her voice and let her be your guide.

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