Live the Spirit of Christmas All Year

Each year we celebrate the birth of Christ and talk about His message of "peace on earth and goodwill toward men." During this short period of time, a spirit of love and giving abounds and we experience, to some degree, what Jesus wants for us. Unfortunately, when the Christmas trees come down and the decorations are stored away, the Spirit of Christmas eventually gives way to the worldly spirit which too often, is manifested in man's inhumanity toward his fellow man.

Jesus came two thousand years ago to change the world, but the world didn't want to change then - nor does it want to change today. Since we can't change the world as a whole, maybe we can change the world over which we have control - ourselves and our own world around us!

These products will help to remind us that the Spirit of Christmas can last all year - if -we make a conscious effort to incorporate His message of love into our lives on a daily basis.