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“The Key to Christmas” Book Reviews

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As a mother of a five year old, I highly recommend The “Key” to Christmas: A Timeless Story for All Time to every parent. My son enjoys reading the book not only at Christmas time but, throughout the year. It helps me to teach him the true meaning of the holidays and selflessness.

Unfortunately, today’s society is too accepting of the “ITS ALL ABOUT ME” philosophy and our children are bombarded by advertising that reinforces that school of thought. As parents, we need to extra vigilant and focus on the core values. The “Key” to Christmas does that in a touching story that children can relate to. Also, keeping the key visible throughout the year reminds the child to think of others not just themselves. Whenever my son needs a reminder, I direct his attention to the key and ask, “do you remember?” He does, of course, and changes his train of thought and does the right thing no matter how hard it may seem.

Every child should be read this story and maybe we can bring back the core values that are missing in our society.

Gay V Bartges

What a delightful way to deliver such an important developmental lesson to our children. The book happens to be a gift . . . to parents . . . of precious time spent with their gifts . . . from God . . . their children. The novel idea of the key starts a family tradition, another gift ,of placement on the tree as well as a daily reminder throughout the year of what our Christian mission in life is . . . to give our time, talent or treasure to one another. I’m giving both of my books to the Principal of our school.

Gene Autore, President, Board of Education, All Saints Regional Catholic School, Norwalk, CT

Every year we in the area of Religious Education are always looking for some thing new and something different with a twist to add some magic spark to the Christmas Season. The book “The Key to Christmas” does just that. The nature of the book with its’ underlying message has the charm and warmth of the season for which the child in all of us comes alive. As an added bonus, supplying each child a “Key” to hang on the tree will bring back memories year after year as the tree comes to life. Rod Hess, the author, has again captured the love of the season providing us the ability to spread it to the children in our care.

J. Tarr, Catechetical Administrator, Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Rod,
I have just finished reading “The Key to Christmas.” As a Sunday school teacher, I was quite impressed by the message it told. In fact, I may read it to the 7th and 8th grade class I teach for our Christmas study. With teary eyes, I finished reading the book and felt a smiling heart within my body. Even Scrooge would have been softened by the message it presents. What a wonderful, refreshing story to brighten anyone’s Christmas Season, especially a young child. I have not been this affected by something that I have read in a long time. Keep up the “good works.”

Bill Benzinger II

I had the opportunity to pre-view “The Key to Christmas” this past summer. After reading it, I was very impressed and ordered two copies. One is for my grandson who is in the second grade at a Catholic school. I am scheduled to be a “mystery reader” in his class next month, and after I read “The Key to Christmas” to them, I plan to donate the second copy to the teacher for use with other classes. In today’s world, kids need to hear the powerful message taught in this simple book.

Karen Rodriguez

Mr. Hess,
I am on staff with the youth ministry at our church. I actually got the chills from excitement as I read through your book and thought about how I could use it with our kids. I can’t wait to use it. It’s a great message that every child should hear.

Debra Shaw

“Rod your imaginative and heart warming story will remind adults as well as teach children about the true meaning of the Christmas season and that we should keep it in our hearts and minds all through the year. This book is destined to become a classic.”

Mike Halterlein